Yokohama International School presents

Authentic Assessment and Digital Media in the Classroom

An EARCOS Weekend Workshop led by Andrew Churches and Kim Cofino, 4 - 5 February 2012

El Anacronópete

Are you ready to enhance your classroom environment through the use of digital media? Are your students interested in demonstrating their understanding and creativity through projects like movies, visual imagery, digital storytelling and podcasting? The potential of learning with digital media is both exciting and daunting: from developing a framework for students to build effective project management skills, to the evaluation and assessment of (and for) learning, using multimedia in the classroom requires careful thought and planning. This workshop will help teachers understand how to successfully and enjoyably bring the exciting world of digital media into their classroom environment. If you're interested, please, join us!

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El Anacronópete by Shin-ichi Higashi on Flickr, Creative Commons Licensed