Develop the design brief.
What is the essential question?
What is the message you want to send?
Curriculum areas, duration, age?
Who is the audience?
What are the key concepts (content)

Essential Question
How can we use visual artistic tools as a medium to represent our feelings and thoughts?
  • What tools are available?
  • How can we choose effective tools to display our art?
  • How can we assess these tools?
Visual art can be used to express our thoughts and feelings.
Health, Art, ICT
1 month
Grade 3

Summative Assessment
You are attending the Tokyo Artists convention. You have been to invited to explain your art to your fellow audience. Your next job is to critique your fellow artist`s pieces of art.
1. Create and orally explain your art. (Curator)
2. Critique your classmates art. (Critic)
Transdisciplinary Theme
How we express ourselves