'Saviour or Sinner?' is a History/Tok digital media project designed by Garry Baker of ISSH and Adam Clark and Adam Seldis of YIS.

The Task
The History and/or ToK class will be split into six groups of three to four students per group. Each group is to come up with a promotional election for the fictious 2012 election of UN President. The candidates running for the office are Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong-il and Robert Mugagbe. One group will make a positive election video for Osama Bin Laden, a second group a negative election video against Osama Bin Laden, the third group a positive election video for Kim Jun Il and so forth. Each video must be between 90 and 120 seconds and include one common image as directed by the teacher. For example the videos for and against Osama Bin Laden must include a picture of planes crashing into the World Trade Centre.

Key Concept
The project asks students to think about bias based on culture and political views and how the popular percetipations of historical figures are shaped or manipulated by their followers (e.g. Stalin forming the cult of Lenin). Ultimately the project is about how the same event/person can be viewd from two or more perspectives.

Essential Question
Does history influence the historian or the historian influence history? The purpose of the task is to assess the extent to which historians are able to change humanities perception of history based on how they present the 'facts'. Follow up tasks could include allowing students to examine whether it is a more important for historians to analyse evidence scientifically or expand it with creative imagination.

Curriculum area
This is for History and/or ToK (history section). For a history project more emphasis could be placed on the cumulation of sources and how those sources are used. For a ToK project the emphasis could be placed on linguistic techniques and perception.

The assessment rubric for this task can be found here. Credit for much the creation of the rubrics goes to Andrew Churches.

The Video
The video made by Garry, Adam and Adam can be found here. The video is a promotional video on favour of Osama Bin Laden. The video does not represent the views of Garry, Adam or Adam, or any of the institutions or organisations with whom they are associated. 290mb version 7mb version